If we do it, it's because we believe in it

To operate well, you need to be able to distinguish between what is important and what is secondary, letting priorities guide the company's choices and projects.

At the center of everything there is always the protection of the environment: the common thread that gives us motivation and that binds all our actions together.

We believe in
sustainable development

Those who will come after us deserve to find a livable environment. It is our most important responsibility.

We produce
from waste

We transform scrap and waste into precious resources for the industry, working in a circular economy.

We don't
waste water

The water used in the production processes is reused thanks to the internal treatment plant.

We use
renewable energy

With the second photovoltaic system completed, we aim to cover up to 30% of our energy needs.

Our values

Respect for mankind

Economic and social evolution are achieved only through a business that respects people and the context in which they live.

Our values

The centrality of the customer

Each action is aimed at satisfying the customer’s needs, taking care of the specifics with dedicated products and services.

Our values

The passion for know-how

Experience and technology are guided by knowledge whose development engine is enthusiasm.