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Copper in the strategic supply chain against covid-19


In a situation of serious health crisis, EGM promptly implemented all the precautionary measures provided by the Authorities in order to guarantee maximum safety in the workplace. Following the provisions of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers, our facility respected the closure of the entire business from March 25 to April 3, completing some important sanitization works and improving the organization of some additional spaces.

Furthermore, in an extremely affected territorial context, EGM considered it appropriate to sign a specific policy with its insurance partner AON in order to protect all employees from Covid-19 risks. Medical assistance, ambulance transport, home help, baby-sitting service, are just some examples of concrete needs for which our people can find real support.

However, the non-ferrous metal industry plays a key role in the supply chain of some essential sectors of our daily lives:

  • Copper allows the manufacture of most hospital devices, such as lung respirators, valves for the interception of medical gases, electronic equipment for tomographic scanning;
  • Copper is used in ventilation, filtration and heat exchange systems of air conditioning units, to control the temperature even in hospital environments;
  • Copper is used in the transport system for the supply of energy to trains, subways, hospitals and in general to all buildings;
  • Copper is essential for the functioning of data transmission systems and helps the world to communicate to keep families in contact during self-isolation;
  • Copper is necessary to keep food safe for long periods of time, ensuring that freezers, chillers and refrigerators perform their job of preserving food throughout the food chain;
  • The construction of water infrastructures, as well as drinking water treatment and distribution systems, cannot be separated from the use of copper and its alloys.

Our company's priority in the face of the crisis has been, and still remains, to safeguard everyone's health and help contain the spread of the virus. It is with this sense of responsibility that, from 6th April 2020, EGM considers it necessary to partially re-start the activity in order to guarantee, as far as possible, the operations necessary for the supply of the aforementioned fundamental supply chains.

We hope that soon we can go back to talking about the normal regime, first of all in your lives and in those of your loved ones, and then to plan production activities.