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mEtalsGiveMotion, EGM presents the new payoff

EGM invites its customers to an exceptional setting, the Santa Giulia Museum Complex in Brescia, and illustrates its strategic vision through the new symbolism that unites both the products and the works of Mimmo Paladino. The circle, in fact, represents an infinity of positive meanings, in this context we can associate the meanings of movement and renewal with the form. The concept of history is also highlighted, understood as openness and cyclical continuity, stylising something that can be interpreted as a roll of laminate or an eye looking to the future. At iconographic level we find that the visual also includes the double reading that can be given to the payoff, that is, metal devoted to movement, "motion, or that which transmits emotion”. The three capital letters take shape in the illustrated whole and metaphorically project the company brand in the process of change. The other strong symbolism that we have stylised refers precisely to the eye: we aim to transmit the vision of the future, and therefore of its prospects, along with the vision of the past, and what can be learned from history.