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The Chinese government at EGM for new business opportunities

Copper connects EGM to China and vice versa. On the Silk Road, in fact, copper (with all its alloys) is the metal that supports the technological development in which the Dragon Country is a leading player worldwide. This was the meeting that brought a delegation from the Chinese Government, the institutional representatives of the city of WuXi, a very important metropolitan area of about 7 million inhabitants, close to Shanghai, to visit the EGM headquarters in Brescia. Heading the delegation to get to know a company that is among the leaders in Europe in the production of copper and copper alloy rolled products, Zhang Xiaoming, the director of the district Wuxi Xinwu was welcomed by the chairman of EGM, Franco Amigoni, and all the management. There was also a delegation from JIN TUO Group, a leading company operating in the non-ferrous metal marketing sector, headed by its Chairman, Jin Guanhua. The meeting resulted from a sharing of interests that link EGM to one of the most dynamic markets in the world in the field of cutting-edge technological applications, ranging from the development of electric mobility and renewable energy, to smart cities and frontier electronics. Rapidly expanding sectors, using high-performance copper alloy rolled products and requiring highly specialised production technologies and processing knowledge.