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SMART FUTURE ACADEMY, EGM at the service of young people

Where there are young people there is technology and where there is technology there is copper. A syllogism without frills is at the basis of EGM's participation in the Smart Future Academy held in Brescia on 7 April in the Brixia Forum pavilion. Thousands of young people took part in the training and guidance event that brought experiences on stage and company testimonials among the various stands, including the EGM stand. The young people were able to discover how copper, with all its alloys, is a key player in development and how the copper sector can be a catalyst for young talents to express their skills. After all, product innovation and process digitisation make copper rolled products and brass rods the support for human technological development. These very products, processed, drawn or moulded, are an integral part of our daily lives. Telecommunications, the automotive sector, home automation and bathroom fittings, plant engineering, mechanics, design and the fashion world: without copper and its alloys nothing would be feasible. EGM thus wanted to convey to the young people the fact that today's industries are light years away from the idea that many of them unfortunately still have. Instead, it is necessary to give a transparent and up-to-date view of industrial companies, including metallurgical companies such as EGM, a modern industry where manufacturing travels at the speed of 4.0 with technological and digital tools.